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Phenakistoscope, by Martha Glowacki
Martha Glowacki, Phenakistoscope, 2005, cast iron, brass, wood, paper, 57-1/2 inches high x 19 inches long x 16 inches deep.
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What do visitors see in this exhibition?
Visitors discover the artist's version of Phenakistoscope [feen a kis toe scope]. She printed a disc with some images of a bird in different stages of flight and attached it to a rod that spins. A viewer looks from behind, through notches in the spinning disc, towards a mirror in which the bird appears to be flapping its wings up and down.

Planisphere, by Martha Glowacki
Martha Glowacki, Planisphere for Washburn Observatory, 2005, cast iron, cast bronze, brass, wood, paper, 49-1/2 inches high x 40 inches long x 15 inches deep.
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Visitors also discover the artist's version of a Planisphere [plan i sphere], which was an ancient instrument used to study star locations. She made it from various parts she found, including an old sewing machine table and gears from a mechanical mop. She made some other parts at a metal foundry. A creaky flywheel turns two celestial maps, revealing changing star patterns in spring and fall.

Visitors may open drawers in a special cabinet to see antique-looking star maps and bird migration maps. The artist constructed the cabinet and made delicate models of star constellations. Some preserved birds are suspended among the constellations.

Natural Philosophies, Martha Glowacki
Martha Glowacki, Natural Philosophies, 2005, five panels, each 39 inches high x 23-1/2 inches long x 3-1/4 inches deep, wood, paper, copper, brass, pigments, bird bones.
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On the walls of the observatory, the artist attached writings that represent different ways people observe nature, including poems and words from scientific journals. The sounds of birds flying out of a field and of nighttime migrating birds calling to each other can be heard in the room.