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Northern Hemisphere, John Flamsteed
Northern Hemisphere, John Flamsteed, Atlas Coelestis, London: 1929. Image courtesy of Department of Special Collections, University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Library.
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What other partnerships and collaborations helped realize this exhibition?
The Department of Special Collections in Memorial Library at the University Libraries contains many of the reference materials that Glowacki has studied through the years, and which have inspired her artworks. That department provided reproductions of images from rare books for the exhibition and for the website. In addition, she consulted with the Departments of Biology, Astronomy, and History of Science at the University. Glowacki also obtained assistance from a cabinetmaker, art photographer, metallurgist, sound engineer, zoologist, bird researchers, and a graphic designer.
Organized by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the exhibition invites visitors to engage in processes of research and discovery that simulate some historical activities of human scientific endeavor.